Hot in Cleveland - S03 (2011)


: Comedy




30 min






: Suzanne Martin

Season 3 opens with Elka forced to choose between her thought-to-be-dead husband Bobby, her old boyfriend, Max and her new boyfriend/fiancee, Fred. Elsewhere, Victoria takes advantage of her marriage to Joy and appears on a View rip-off talk show called "The Chatter".


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HD The Mask

Stanley Ipkiss (<a href="/name/nm0000120?ref_=tt_stry_pl">Jim Carrey</a>) is a bank clerk that is an incredibly nice man. Unfortunately, he is too nice for his own good and is a pushover when it comes to confrontations. After one of the worst days of his life, he finds a mask that depicts Loki, the Norse night god of mischief. Now, when he puts it on, he becomes his inner, self: a cartoon romantic wild man. However, a small time crime boss, Dorian Tyrel (<a href="/name/nm0338886?ref_=tt_stry_pl">Peter Greene</a>), comes across this character dubbed "The Mask" by the media. After Ipkiss&#39s alter ego indirectly kills his friend in crime, Tyrel now wants this green-faced goon destroyed.

HD 1h 41min 6.9
HD Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

Austin Powers is a 60&#39s spy who is cryonically frozen and released in the 1990&#39s. The world is a very different place for Powers. Unfortunately for Austin, everyone is no longer sex-mad. Although he may be in a different decade, his mission is still the same. He has teamed up with Vanessa Kensington to stop the evil Dr. Evil, who was also frozen in the past. Dr. Evil stole a nuclear weapon and is demanding a payment of (when he realises its the 90&#39s) 100 billion dollars. Can Austin Powers stop this madman? or will he caught up with Evil&#39s henchman, with names like Alotta Fagina and Random Task? Only time will tell!

HD 1h 34min 7.0
HD Weird Science

Two unpopular teenagers, Gary Wallace and Wyatt Donnelly, fail at all attempts to be accepted by their peers. Their desperation to be liked leads them to "create" a woman via their computer. Their living and breathing creation is a gorgeous woman, Lisa, whose purpose is to boost their confidence level by putting them into situations which require Gary and Wyatt to act like men. On their road to becoming accepted, they encounter many hilarious obstacles, which gives the movie an overall sense of silliness.

HD 1h 34min 6.6
The Reluctant Dragon

Humorist Robert Benchley attempts to find Walt Disney to ask him to adapt a short story about a gentle dragon who would rather recite poetry than be ferocious. Along the way, he is given a tour of Walt Disney Studios, and learns about the animation process.

1h 14min 7.0

Hysteria grips California in the wake of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. An assorted group of defenders attempt to make the coast defensible against an imagined Japanese invasion, in this big budget, big cast comedy. Members of a Japanese submarine crew scout out the madness, along with a Captain in Germany&#39s Kreigsmarine (Navy).

1h 58min 5.9
The Vortex

After a convoy of American soldiers disappears, a special ops team is deployed to rescue them. They soon encounter an army of gigantic scorpions, spiders and snakes that have come to Earth from another dimension.

HD Minions

Ever since the dawn of time, the Minions have lived to serve the most despicable of masters. From T. rex to Napoleon, the easily distracted tribe has helped the biggest and the baddest of villains. Now, join protective leader Kevin, teenage rebel Stuart and lovable little Bob on a global road trip where they&#39ll earn a shot to work for a new boss-the world&#39s first female super-villain-and try to save all of Minionkind...from annihilation.

HD 1h 31min 6.5
Three Night Stand

A married couple&#39s romantic weekend is turned upside down when the husband&#39s ex-girlfriend, a woman he&#39s secretly obsessed with, is running the ski lodge where they&#39re staying.

1h 26min 4.7
Big Stone Gap

<p>Nestled in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia, the tiny town of Big Stone Gap is home to some of the most charming eccentrics in the state. Ave Maria Mulligan is the town&#39s self-proclaimed spinster, a thirty-five year old pharmacist with a "mountain girl&#39s body and a flat behind." She lives an amiable life with good friends and lots of hobbies until the fateful day in 1978 when she suddenly discovers that she&#39s not who she always thought she was. Before she can blink, Ave&#39s fielding marriage proposals, fighting off greedy family members, organizing a celebration for visiting celebrities, and planning the trip of a lifetime-a trip that could change her view of the world and her own place in it forever.</p>

1h 43min 5.5
HD Fletch Lives

Fletch is a reporter for a Los Angeles newspaper, but he acts more like a detective. When an obscure relative leaves him a Louisiana mansion in his will, Fletch is naturally curious. Arriving in Louisiana, events occur that make him suspect that all is not well, and there is more to the property than he has been led to believe.

HD 1h 35min 6.0
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